'The Big Slab' Official Cotton Tea Towel



The Big Slab also has a big heart and we’ve teamed up with some even bigger hearted folks from TIP JAR FUND (https://tipjarfund.org/)

We all know the hospo industry has been smashed since COVID hit and TipJar aims to raise 100K to spend on feeding, housing, employing and supporting the food and beverage industry in Australia. 

So we’ve made a BIG SLAB merch range where all profits go to the  TIP JAR FUND (https://tipjarfund.org/). It’s available for preorder now and ships in 3 weeks from release! Tees, coolers and one of the most epic tea towels you’ve seen since ya Nans collection from the 70’s!

Please get behind these wonderful people and if you don’t want the merch, you can simply just leave them a tip: https://tipjarfund.org/ 

FUN FACT: If 10,000 of our 75,000 insta community all gave $10 we’d help them smash that 100k target!





100% Cotton Tea Towel, comes with a stack of 'Big Slab' coasters!