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Introducing the Balter IPA - A big refresher after a hard-won day

If you’ve truly earned something the result always feels sweeter. Whether that’s winning a tough match right on the siren, cleaning something that has been filthy forever, or sliding the last fragment into a 1000-piece puzzle you’ve been working on with nanna. Once you stand back and look at the aftermath, you just think “aww yeah!”. The new Balter IPA is a salute to those efforts, and the ideal exclamation point to celebrate those wins.

This fourth full-time tin from Balter comes from a long lineage of IPAs tested and tweaked in our tap room. Learning from popular tastes like ZZ Hop, Tangerine Dream and In Rainbows, we’ve taken the best of these and blended them into something that reflects the character of what we think a good IPA should be.

“Indian Pale Ale is normally the go-to flavour for craft beer enthusiasts because they have a lot of personality,” says Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “So, we wanted to make sure that when we canned one we could deliver an excellent taste, that builds in bitterness, and has a balance of flavour to make it smooth to drink. When you can find IPAs that have those traits they’re the ones that stand out from the fog at you and make you realise you really love that type of beer. We hope to share that feeling around.”

Packaged in a purple tin that reflects its bold, vivacious personality the beer goes a little something like this:

Drinking this IPA is like frolicking naked through a spring forest, then dive bombing off a mandarin-scented waterfall. We’re not even kidding. Its clean hoppy base offers a relentless, yet refined bitterness complemented by pine and citrus aromatics. Here’s cheers to a big refresher after a hard-won day.

The new Balter IPA will be released on May 17th at Tins of Glory: the first World Tinnie Hurling Championships, during Good Beer Week. To get your tickets head to and register. Cases will appear in selected Balter stockists not long after. Make sure you get one for your nanna.