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Modern craft beers offer an epic variety of intense flavours. But, sometimes you want a drink that’s simple and refreshing. Sometimes you want a ‘beer beer’. Enter the Balter Pilsner - our third tinnie and second full-time flavour.

Since Balter started 10 months ago we've had great feedback from our patrons who've enjoyed the bigger, bolder beers coming from the taproom. But, we still had a lot of requests for a 'beer beer'. We knew exactly what they were talking about and it was wonderful to hear people craving a sometimes underappreciated style in craft beer.

“In the gold rush of hop driven ales Pilsner is a beer that hasn’t been celebrated as much as other styles.” Balter Head Brewer, Scott Hargrave explains. “But it’s beers like these that are the reason people love beer. It’s a beer we love ourselves, and something we wanted to celebrate.”

So to satisfy those chasing a classic, the Balter brew team set off five months ago to create our newest drop. It’s often hard to do something that appears simple, and Scott let us know that a good, traditional Pilsner beer is tough to pull off:

“Pilsners are technically challenging. It comes down to great ingredients and process, because every part of making a Pilsner has to be as good as you can do it. You can’t hide behind massive hop flavour or malt structure in a beer like this. It's a beer that has to stand alone because it's good - plain and simple.”

With some planning and hard work (and a lot of tasting), we’re happy to say we’re launching our brand new Pilsner to your tastebuds Feb 1st. It goes a little something like this:

The word ‘crisp’ gets thrown around when it comes to Pilsners, but that makes us think of lettuce. This Pils is more than crisp, it’s straight up satisfying. The balanced malt base pulls you in for a hug before the hops get frisky with floral aromas and a refreshingly bitter finish. Perfect for those who like a ‘beer beer’, it’s best enjoyed straight from the esky with the bar-b blazing.

If you want to enjoy a Balter Pilsner with your mates, head to your nearest stockist Feb 1st to get some fresh from the tap (or grab a case of tins).

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