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Introducing Black Metal Disco - Balter’s first ever limited-release beer.

Occasionally you come across something that flips first appearances on their head. Like smooth sailing through stormy seas, seeing a biker help an old lady across the street, or meeting a cheerleader goth. Those moments always leave you strangely satisfied, curious to see what else is out in the world. Balter’s Black Metal Disco is another one of those perplexing experiences, delivering a welcoming, well-balanced stout that looks like it bubbled up from the pits of hell.

The first ever canned seasonal release from Balter, Black Metal Disco was initially only found in our taproom. But, after repeated requests to make it more widely available, the decision was easy to make it our debut, limited-edition beer.

“We’ve been throwing around the idea of doing a special release can for a while now, but this one really jumped out as the obvious option” said Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave about the beer. “As soon as we ran out of it in the taproom we had people asking to bring it back. The interesting thing was that a lot of those requests were coming from women. We don’t specifically target guys or girls, because we just want to make good beer, but it was pretty cool to see the amount of women really loving what is often seen as a masculine type of beer. It has a chocolatey, espresso twist that provides a pleasant surprise to those normally wary of stouts or darker beers.”

Packaged in a special 500ml tin that makes it easy to pour into a pint glass, so you can take in its noir textures, Black Metal Disco goes a little something like this:

Like thrash being played on the jazz flute, this stout may seem vicious, but its sweet notes make light in the dark of night. The roasted barley and subtle hops mix deliver espresso, chocolate, and vanilla aromas, all wrapped in a creamy mouthfeel and satisfyingly dry finish. Throw out your preconceived notions of what’s possible, strap on your mirror ball helmet and dive into club sweet stout. This is Black Metal Disco.

Just in time for the winter months when people start craving comfort foods, Black Metal Disco provides a drink that’s ideal for sharing with friends around a campfire, eating with a pie at the footy, or pairing with a pudding while snuggled up on the couch in your uggies.

Available from July 26th. Find the exclusive bottle shops via our Beer Locator



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