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Article: Books, Beers & Boobies

Books, Beers & Boobies

Books, Beers & Boobies


Join us at Balter HQ on Friday 25th May, for the book launch of extended Balter family member and Australian author T.S. Hawken as he adds a giving twist to the release of his upcoming novel If Kisses Cured Cancer. 

Originally working in the surf industry, Hawken made the shift to writing after the successful release of his Hellbound Trilogy in 2010. However, Hawken says that his latest work of fiction might not be what people expect given his previous history as a writer. “The story is a big departure from the dark-fantasy novels I started out with. I’ve grown a lot as a person and a writer since then, so I’ve drawn on that experience to create something left-of-centre, quite personal, but hopefully still compelling.”

The series of the night will capture themes from the novel, including the need for connecting with those around you, the importance of enjoying the natural world in a digital age, and the value in taking a chance to do something worthwhile.

With all book, beer and raffle sales at a series of launch events will go towards supporting the cancer charity Love Your Sister.


Hawken says his decision to use the night as an opportunity to give back, comes from his own experience of being the recipient of generosity. “When my wife Tara was battling cancer, we only barely kept our heads above water because of a charity event organised by friends,” he explains. “That sense of gratitude can’t really be understood unless you feel it yourself, but I hope this gesture goes a little way in paying some of that kindness forward.”

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Abit about the book...

About If Kisses Cured Cancer

A story about life in a growing coastal town, falling in love and stealing shopping trolleys.

Matt Pearce is depressed, working an uninspiring job and lacking any prospect of dragging his life out of mediocrity. That is until he meets Joy: a cancer survivor who lives beyond the rules of normal people.

As the pair go on a series of unusual dates - from hijacking fish n chip orders, to ‘extreme people watching’ at the airport – their love for each other grows. But Joy’s past is about to catch up with her, and a hidden secret could tear the two apart forever.

If Kisses Cured Cancer is a quirky look at finding love in unlikely places. It is about the importance of connecting with those around you, enjoying every moment and not being afraid to go skinny-dipping in the forest. It will have you in tears of joy, tears of sorrow and tears of laughter.


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