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Well, what a @gabsfestival H100 countdown that was!

To everybody who came down and packed the brewery in support on Saturday, thank you. The vibe was electric. To everybody who gave us a vote and allowed us to clog up your feeds with vote spam, thank you (you can unmute us now 😊).

To S&W, we send a massive congratulations on getting back to Number 1 and for rounding out 10 years on the podium. What an achievement.

To Rich, Tracy and the Bentspoke family, we salute you as our friends and some of the finest brewers in the land and world.

Congrats to Craig and @GABSfestival team for the ever-growing interest this activation brings to the good beer movement.

It’s got to be said, these poll results meant a lot to us. You showed an unwavering support for Balter delivering our best ever results which demonstrated that good beer is more important to you than all the other rhetoric. Thank you, and we promise there’s more where that came from : )

For those interested in the stats this is what your votes chalked up for Balter…

  • 8 beers in the 100 (The most by any brewery in the past 10 years.)
  • We received the most total votes for a brewery.
  • XPA got 2nd delivering its third podium finish.
  • We had 2 beers inside the top 10.
  • 6 inside the top 30
  • All our beers finished inside the top 150
  • Hazy was No.1 on the newcomers list, with Dazy and Hazy/DC 3rd and 4th respectively.
  • Captain Sensible No.1 Mid-strength

Check out the full Hottest 100 newcomers list here