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Article: If you enjoy a Balter we'd love you to read this...

If you enjoy a Balter we'd love you to read this...

If you enjoy a Balter we'd love you to read this...

If you’ve enjoyed a Balter this year we’d love you to read this...

What a year.

It opened up by collaborating with our mates Garage Project.You liked the beer so much we released it again just last week.

You also voted 8 of our beers into the Hottest 100 - a record for the poll. Even though we got second, that elevated us to the most voted brewery.

Together we raised $80k for the bushfire relief!

You celebrated countless beer releases like Dry Haze, Handsome Elvis, IIPA '20, Bunker Buster and Dimples.

We walked together through the pubs closing, then celebrated when they opened back up with a wonderful short film about a man getting his "pub motor skills" back! (it's here if you haven’t seen it already)

We released the worlds first UNLIMITED Edition beer in Hazy ; ). Then you drank so much of it we struggled to keep up.
In the face of pubs being closed, you built Neighbars in your backyards because you sure as hell weren’t going to let a pandemic take away your right to have a beer with a mate (albeit a socially distanced one). Below are the inventors of Neighbar Matty Lawson and Nate Jackson.

You visited Queensland's newest and biggest tourism attraction The Big Slab and helped raise 7K for the Australian hospo community.

Thousands of people were seen #holdingbeerinfrontofthings by taking pictures and putting them inside the internet, and that makes our heart smile. We crowned a #holdingbeerinfrontofthings World Champion and the phenomenon continues to grow.

You’ve made us laugh, smile and be thankful with some of the most epic beer reviews from passionate beer lovers both novice and expert alike.
We’ve had countless influencers asking us to ‘collab’ (which is code for 'pay me to place your beer next to my abs or boobs'). But, in all honesty, the only influencer we've ever wanted is the person at a BBQ handing a beer to a friend, because real friends are better than ones you pay for. Just like the bloke below Mick (mowing the lawn), during lockdown, he left a 4 pack on his neighbour's fence just to check in. Legend.


Out of all the good times we have shared with you this year, there’s one thing that we're extra proud of and it comes directly back to you…
When we sold in December 2019 to CUB we told you nothing would change. We said that our commitment to good beer is as steadfast as ever. Because that’s what everybody says (and most people roll their eyes at) we also said to not take our word for it, but simply judge us by the beer we make. Which is how you’ve always done it.
Twelve months on we are proud of the Balter we continue to create. Judging by the amount of people enjoying our beers, you’ve shown us that you’re still proud of us too. So, thank you for giving us a chance to buck the perception that breweries go down the drain when they're bought.
We are incredibly hopeful for 2021. Wherever you find yourself over the Chrissy break, we wish you the happiest and safest of holidays and hope you get to sip back and relax with a few cold ones.
Big cheers and a massive thank you from the entire gang at Balter.

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