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Firstly, thank you to everybody who got involved in The You Survey! We received over 5000 'colourful' entries, and although some responses we couldn't publish on the internet without being put in jail we did manage to find 3 winners for this years survey.

And the winners are.......

1st Place: Zachary Smith with his answer to 'Good beer is...."

"Good beer is... the bond between mates, a ice breaker between strangers. Thoroughly enjoyed at bottom of a 
drainage trench by a plumber yet equally as tasty to the local accountant after tax time. Your mate will be holding one while he lies about how big the barra he caught, but he’ll be sitting next ten empties when he admits it was only a breamo. It’s the only way to start a weekend and finish one. Even though almost every time they bloody hurt you everybody always goes back for more."

2nd Place: Jeff Rogers with his answer to 'Good beer is..."

"... proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy - Ben Franklin"

3rd Place:  Dan Ford with his answer to 'Good beer is'

"...roses are red - Beer is great - Poems are hard - BEER!"

Congratulations to our lucky winners and another huge thank you to everyone who got involved!