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The Artist Series is a collaboration between Balter and a selected artist. It's a simple concept where the artist is given a number of themes/short briefs to help them come up with a line of limited release apparel. For our first one, we have teamed up with Luke Day. Luke is one of those rare talents that you only come across once and awhile. Super humble, loads of ability and we’re a bit happy to have him design a collection of tees for us. Here's the themes luke had to work with and a couple of graphics that make up some of the range... You can see the whole range here


Illustrations before heading into the computer...



Theme: Stay Cool with Balter




Theme: Beer Got Us Here



Theme: Hot City Cold Beer



Theme: Happy Hour Every Hour



Theme: Stay Cool with Balter


More About Luke Day

Luke Day is a local freelance designer/illustrator based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. In between chasing waves, Day is owning the balance between a strong style and a high degree of flexibility. His work is a playful combination of carefully hand-crafted typography and minimalist illustration. Through his organic progress, Day is fast becoming one to watch, working with brands across the globe, including Element Skateboards, Belief NYC and The Quiet Life.

You can follow him on Instagram. Is great stuff.