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🍺🥜: 4.30am. That’s what time head brewer Scott gets up to wake the beer monster. Everything is quiet. Still. Cold. There’s a little feeling of anticipation that something’s going to come to life today. Something new will exist that didn’t before. Fresh Beer.
When Scott gets to the brewhouse no one else is around. The only noise is a bit of bubbling in the fermenter. The sparrows aren’t even farting yet.
Waiting, is the monster. The Boiler. Scott pokes it awake.
“That first shot of steam out is like a dragon snorting, going ‘what do you want?!’” Scott says. “It all groans and rises. I get up onto the brew deck to check the pipes. Get things ready for feeding time.”
But what does the beer monster eat? What does it smell like? Taste like?
Stay tuned to find out in the next instalment of Balter’s Beer Snacks 🍺🥜

Image: The Maestro Scotty Hargrave conducting his orchestra.

Image: All our spent grains go to local farmers to feed livestock and vege gardens.