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Sometimes there’s a backup singer with so much personality, you want to see them shine in the limelight. But, as the lead, will they dazzle, or fizzle? Balter has just given one of their favourite showstoppers a chance as the hero hop in their first limited release of 2021, Cryomofo.
“We were gifted a box of Cryo Mosaic from Yakima Chief Hops last year and mixed it in to boost the profile of a few beers,” explains Balter Head Brewer Scott Hargrave. “It always had a really substantial influence, so we figured it was time to give it a shot as the headline act. It’s got a lot of luscious notes in there that keep things extra lively.”
The beer itself will be the first of a series of 4 releases this year, which play with certain hero hops around different malt and yeast profiles. That means you’ll taste the polished personality of Cryo Mosaic in this bright West Coast IPA, then in an upstart twin Hazy later in Autumn 2021. After that, new hops will take center stage for a second duo of West Coast IPA/Hazy in the Spring.
“Hazys have been a big hit for Australian craft beer lovers the last few years,” continues Scott. “But there are other styles that keep things interesting and your palate fresh. We thought it’d be fun to throw out a Jekyll and then a Hyde to see which personality different people connect with. It’ll be great to see the reaction because they’re really different beers from the same key ingredient."
For now, personality number one is coming your way in a 375ml can at 7% ABV. Balter Cryomofo goes a little something like this:
Like a fresh-pressed Hawaiian shirt straight from the cabana, Cryomofo is luscious and fruity yet pure and polished. Cryo Mosaic and Cryo Loral hops burst with refined citrus flavour, swirling bubblegum around lean malt, and a whiff of sticky icky. Get deep into the tropical juju without losing your cool. Put some Cryomofo on ice.
 This limited release is officially available nationwide on Feb 10th. Its twisted twin CryoHaze will emerge sometime in April. Until then, see where you can get your hands on Cryomofo on the Beer Locator