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Sometimes you want an elevated experience without going into turbo-charged madness. Like, keeping to the speed limit in a Ferrari, or lavishing your tastebuds with a medium-spice vindaloo. Our Eazy Hazy is another option to tread that highwire balance. The new hop-driven release has been brewed to keep you sipping with a full-flavoured yet easy-to-drink beer.

“Last year we experimented to try and come up with the perfect session beer,” says our Head Brewer Scott Hargrave about the release. “We started with crowd favourite Bunker Buster at 4.5% ABV, then Super Sipper at 4.2%, then with Quaff Bomb at 4.2%, then Session Hazy at 4.0%. It was amazing seeing our community come on the ride with the beers. They were regularly in the top one or two options poured every week at Balter HQ, which is a real testing ground for us. This latest one takes everything we’ve learned from the journey and puts it into a crushable hazy".
Eazy Hazy lands right on the button of 4.0% with a juicy flavour profile that defies its ABV. The limited release comes in a 375ml tin and goes a little something like this...
Why use a stick of dynamite when a party popper will do the trick? Eazy Hazy brings the colour and spark while keeping things nicely chilled. Succulent US hops deliver lime, passionfruit and hints of coconut around a creamy, rolled-wheat base to balance the zesty bitter finish. Pull the ripcord on one without strain or stress. Your well-contained taste explosion.
Eazy Hazy will be available nationwide this week, from all participating Balter stockists. If you want to find some to compliment Friday night’s beef vindaloo, head to: