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Handsome Elvis Nitro Milk Stout hits stores from Wednesday 9th of June, just in time for that polar blast the weather guy keeps talking about. Head to to find your closest location.

What the can says...
Smooth back your sideburns and zip up your jumpsuit - this sweet and velvety milk stout is ready to put on a show. A cascading curtain of nitro bubbles rise to set the stage for a hip- swivelling concert of hazelnut, espresso, chocolate and berry, finished with a Kung-Fu kick of bitterness and ultra-creamy mouthfeel. Shake up the night (and this can) Handsome Elvis is here to play.

What the brewer says...
Stouts for me aren’t about being mean or angry but moreso smooth and drinkable. Handsome really embodies our mantra that ‘good beer is for everyone’. It’s got plenty of taste and character, but is something most beer drinkers could ease their way through during a winter get together.

Cheers from Balter