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So you've probably seen all the hoohah around the new sport we invented called Tinnie Hurling. Today we push all the fanfare aside and answer your hard-hitting questions like How the bloody hell do I actually play this 'sport'? and, How the bloody hell do I get your shot at the title?

So it goes a little something like this...

TINS OF GLORY - How to play from Balter Brewing Company on Vimeo.


The World Tinnie Hurling Championships will debut at Good Beer Week this May 17th at Third Day Warehouse, and epic warehouse in Kensington.

Teams of two people (you and a mate) get 4 tinnies (2 per player) and slide them down a 6m long bench, aiming to get it into one of the 6 point scoring zones. The largest zone being 1 point the smallest zone being 5 points. In the 5 point zone is a bonus target worth 10 points. Accumulate more points than the other team and you progress to the next round. Losers are relegated to the sidelines to drink beer (not a bad losers prize). Catch is you have 30 seconds to slide all four tinnies down the bench with a shot clock to keep you honest.

There will be Round 1, Round 2, Quarters, Semi's and Finals.


 Additional prizes for the highest score, best dressed, plus second and third take home some cool stuff too.

The winners will receive a Balter pack valued at $3000 and enjoy the prestige of being the first World Champions of possibly the funnest game to ever be played with beer.


Food on the night will be Melbourne's original food truck Beatbox Kitchen.

Good music will keep you entertained as will the Tinnie Bar serving Balter's finest for 5 bucks all night.


Another big drawcard for the night... We’ll also be launching a brand new Balter Tinnie, so competitors and spectators alike will be the first to have a taste.


TEAM: Entry is $100 for your two-person team, which includes 8 tinnies ( 4 each to drink not hurl) and dinner by Beatbox Kitchen.

SPECTATOR: Entry is just $12, which includes a tinnie on arrival and $5 tinnies all night plus access to the good food and music on hand!